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Hood Law Firm, LLC Name Change Lawyers Assist You from Beginning to End

Direct and trusted advice from Hood Law Firm, LLC name change lawyers

The name changing process is trickier than you might think. You are required to pay court fees, and you must fill out a petition. The attorneys of Hood Law Firm, LLC can assist you with the name change process, ensuring that it moves quickly and efficiently.

Common reasons for legally changing your name

Changing your name could be the happy start of your brand new life. It may also serve as a way to correct past wrongs. The attorneys of Hood Law Firm, LLC assist clients who change their names — or their children’s names — for various reasons:

  • Taking your maiden name back after a divorce
  • Changing the legal name of an adopted child
  • Correcting errors on legal documents
  • Claiming an inheritance
  • Changing your name for estate planning purposes
  • Changing the name of your children to accurately reflect parentage

We have more than 40+ years of combined experience working with clients seeking legal name changes. We know how to file the petition accurately, and we can guide you through the process.

What a name change attorney in Cartersville or Calhoun does

When a couple marries, a wife can use her husband’s name without filing any paperwork. But in Georgia, you cannot change your name for a reason other than marriage without petitioning the court, paying court fees and making an announcement in your local paper. A Hood Law Firm, LLC family lawyer from Hood Law Firm, LLC can assist you in the following ways:

  • Divorce decree preparation. It’s easier to change your name after you and your spouse divorce if the change is indicated in the divorce decree. Our attorneys can draft a decree that includes your legal name change.
  • Gathering paperwork. Once you successfully petition the court, you must begin the process of changing your name on other legal documents. We can help you gather those documents, and we make suggestions about other areas you may miss on your own.
  • Attending court. A judge wants assurance that you’re not changing your name in an attempt to defraud anyone. We represent your best interests in court and defend your reasons for the change before the judge.

We have assisted hundreds of clients with their family law needs. Our attorneys have the necessary skills to help you with your legal name change. We guide you through the process to ensure that no steps are missed.

If you’re considering using a name change attorney in Calhoun or Cartersville, Georgia, contact Hood Law Firm, LLC

Changing your name can involve a complex process, but choosing a lawyer should be simple. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we help you with the paperwork and the court requirements. To speak with a veteran family law attorney, call us at 706-602-0602 in Calhoun or 770-387-4500 in Cartersville or contact us online.