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Determined Hood Law Firm, LLC Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for Your Rights

Aggressive criminal defense by Hood Law Firm, LLC criminal law attorneys

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience. Being convicted of a crime may have devastating long-term effects on your life. The attorneys of Hood Law Firm, LLC are skilled litigators who fight ferociously to protect our clients in our office and in the courtroom. We review your case closely to look for opportunities to protect your future. We work intensely with you and outside resources to create the best possible solution for your problem.

A Calhoun criminal defense lawyer who knows the score

At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we have the advantage of Jason P. Hood’s years as an Assistant District Attorney on our side. He knows exactly how the prosecution will behave in a criminal case because he’s used those same tactics himself. His experience in his former position gives us a unique advantage in creating defense strategies for you.

  • DUI. The results of a DUI conviction are severe, even for first-time offenders. Our DUI defense attorneys know which tests may give a false positive reading and which cases might be based on an illegal stop. We create defense strategies that serve your individual case.
  • Drug crimes. A conviction for drug possession of any controlled substance except marijuana carries a mandatory prison sentence. In general, drug crimes cannot be expunged. Our attorneys can build a case to lower, if not eliminate, the penalties associated with a drug crime.
  • Sex crimes. The effects of a sex crime conviction are grim. Aside from the mandatory incarceration and fines, you may be ostracized by your community or denied opportunities to better yourself in the future. Our attorneys assist clients with their sexual assault defense.
  • Violent crimes. The most severe punishments are usually reserved for those who commit — or threaten to commit — violent crimes. A murder conviction in Georgia could land you on death row. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we have the experience and resources to build a defense strategy to help keep you alive.

Contact a zealous criminal defense attorney in Calhoun or Cartersville, GA to discuss your case

Criminal charges cannot be taken lightly. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, you receive the highest-quality service for your criminal defense. To speak with an attorney who understands the seriousness of criminal charges, call us today at 706-602-0602 in Calhoun or 770-387-4500 in Cartersville or contact us online. Flat rates may be available for your case.