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Tenacious Litigation by Calhoun or Cartersville Contempt of Court Attorneys

Direct action against a violation of the divorce decree in Calhoun or Cartersville, GA

The divorce decree set forth by a judge is based on your circumstances at the time of your divorce. But sometimes one spouse becomes unable — or unwilling — to follow the decree. In those cases, the spouse is in violation of the divorce decree and, therefore, considered to be in contempt of court. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we represent clients who are looking to enforce a decree and those who have been accused of violating one.

Taking your ex to court for contempt

If your former partner or spouse has stopped making support payments or is abusing custodial or visitation rights, you have the right to take him/her to court. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we craft the motion of contempt for you, ensuring that it accurately reflects the divorce decree violation.

We also present evidence proving that your ex:

  • Was aware of the divorce decree
  • Knowingly violated the decree
  • Is responsible for paying the money he or she owes you in support cases
  • Is responsible for following the legally documented visitation decree in child custody cases

What to do if you’re being accused

At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we also understand that sometimes good people fall on hard times. Your circumstances may have changed since your original divorce decree was filed, making it difficult if not impossible for you to take care of your obligations in a timely manner. You’re more likely to face a contempt motion for failure to:

  • Pay child support
  • Pay alimony/spousal support
  • Follow the divorce decree in relation to property division
  • Follow the child custody agreement
  • Follow the prescribed parenting plan
  • Follow visitation procedures

Our lawyers know that a change in your employment status or a medical emergency can affect your finances in unexpected ways. We craft custom defense strategies for you if you’re facing a charge of contempt. Our Hood Law Firm, LLC divorce modification attorneys file modifications to your original divorce decree to ensure that you’re paying a fair and reasonable amount of support reflective of your current circumstances.

Meet with a veteran contempt of court attorney in Calhoun or Cartersville, Georgia at the law firm of Hood Law Firm, LLC

Contempt orders can create delicate situations. At Hood Law Firm, LLC, we handle all cases involving violations of divorce decrees with discretion and care. To speak with an attorney about your case, contact our firm online or call us at 706-602-0602 in Calhoun or 770-387-4500 in Cartersville.