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Northwest Georgia Business Law Attorneys Serving Small- to Mid-Sized Entities

Leveraging more than 40+ years of combined experience to protect your business

The successful operation of a business relies upon many factors, including the ability to resolve legal issues quickly and cost-effectively. At the law offices of Hood Law Firm, LLC, our Northwest Georgia business attorneys represent clients facing various legal issues. With more than a half-century of combined experience, we confidently address even the most complex legal issues affecting your Calhoun or Cartersville business.

Knowledgeable business law guidance

We are qualified to help you address a wide range of legal matters affecting your business, including:

  • Business formation. The initial formation of a business entity is an important step. By choosing the proper entity type, you may be able to protect your business from unnecessary legal and tax liabilities.
  • Buy/sell agreements. The purchase or sale of a business is a complex process involving a number of moving parts. Properly addressing the various legal details of such transactions protects both parties.
  • Commercial or civil litigation. Throughout the course of operations, your business may encounter a legal situation requiring litigation. Whether you are the initiator of the litigation, or responding to another party’s suit, it is important to address it quickly and efficiently with the assistance of our experienced business lawyers.

At Hood Law Firm, LLC, our business law attorneys offer strategic insight and professional guidance you can trust.

Detailed contract representation

Contractual agreements are at the core of most businesses. While many contracts are executed without difficulty, others may lead to significant legal issues that affect the best interests of your organization. Our business law attorneys represent organizations facing contractual issues such as:

  • Breach of contracts
  • General contract disputes
  • Failure to deliver products/services
  • Failure to pay for products/services
  • Failure to meet the terms of secondary agreements, such as leases, mortgages or loan documents

Through assertive negotiation or aggressive litigation, our attorneys have a history of success resolving contract disputes for Northwest Georgia businesses.

Debt collection services designed to protect your bottom line

Outstanding debts owed to your business can wreak havoc on your company’s profitability. When a trade partner or customer refuses to pay for goods or services rendered, it may be necessary to involve legal representation. Our debt collection services are designed to recover compensation for:

  • Goods sold/delivered
  • Fees owed for professional services
  • Letters of credit and other extensions of credit

Our attorneys explore all available legal strategies to collect outstanding debts owed to your business, including negotiation, litigation and the placement of any applicable liens.

Contact our business law attorneys to discuss your specific needs

At Hood Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers treat your business as if it were their own. We provide personalized legal representation and effective solutions to all your business law matters. Contact us online or call us at 706-602-0602 in Calhoun or 770-387-4500 in Cartersville to schedule a free consultation.